East Coast Heavy Events

Championships NSW Australia

The East Coast Heavy Events Championships will go ahead at the Clans on the Coast festival on Saturday 23 September 2023.

The Event is being held at the Lakeside Sports Complex Raymond Terrace.

The event is a full Highland Games with 9 events to contest.

It has been decided the event will be a mixed event with a total capacity of 14 athletes.

Male and female athletes will compete together (using correct weighted implements)

Prize money is paid on overall aggregate scoring.

1st $350

2nd 250

 3rd 200

4th 150

5th 125

6th 100

7th 75

8th 50

Due to the limitation on athlete numbers, we will be looking to select the best available athletes that would like a position.

The event schedule is.

                                                                      Men’s                                Women’s

Light Stone                                                    16lb                                       9lb    

Heavy Weight for Distance                           56lb                                      28lb

Light hammer                                                16lb                                      12lb

Heavy hammer                                              22lb                                      16lb

East Coast Heavy Stone                                40lb                                       21lb

Light weight for distance                               28lb                                      14lb

Sheaf                                                              20lb                                       9lb

Caber                                              18’2”      130lb                         12’7”   60lb

Weight for height.                                          56lb                                       28lb


The event will commence at 8:30am sharp.

The last three events move to the main field in front of the grandstand, so we are on tight time frames. We have four hours to complete the first 6 events.

Sheaf and WFH may be reduced to two attempts at each height if we are slow to those events.

Starting Height for Sheaf will be 14ft for women – 17ft for the men      -    (3ft increments).

Starting height for Weight for height will be 12ft for women – 13ft for men      -   (1ft increments)


Requirements for all athletes is an appropriate Kilt and Long hose (socks) of a single solid colour.

A games shirt will be provided.

If you are interested in a starting position, please let me know.  Dependant on the interest I may require some games event distances to assist in selecting athletes.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event.


We need to start out competition at 8am so early


First 6 events on the back oval


1: Light stone put                          8:00am

2: Heavy Weight for Distance     8:45am

3: Light hammer                            9:30am

4: Heavy Hammer                        10:45am

5: East Coast Heavy stone put   11:00am

6: Light weight for Distance       11:45am


Move to main field


7: Sheaf Toss                                 12:30pm

8: Caber Toss                                  1:30pm

9: Weight for Height                      2:30pm


Must be finished events prior to 3.25pm for mass bands closing ceremony at 3.30pm