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Keep in mind you cannot put any pegs in the ground you will need weights for your marquises. 

Opening Ceremony

March in:

Form up.

Scotland the Brave (4/4)

No Awa (4/4)

Rowan Tree (4/4)

At the Halt

Advance Australia Fair – Singer


42nd Highlanders (2/4)

Caller Herron (2/4)

Official opening by Chieftain of the Day

March Out

Cock of the North (4 parts played once)

Athol Highlanders (2 parts played once)


Closing Ceremony

March in

Green Hills (3/4)

Battles Orr (3/4)


Marie’s Wedding (2/4)

Brown Haired Maiden (2/4)

Official Closing by Chief of the Day

- Lone Piper – Lowering of the Flags

Auld lang syne (4/4)

March Out

100 Pipes (6/8)

Bonnie Dundee (6/8)

Black Bear (2/4)